• Products

    Our company manufactures tanks with a capacity from 20 m3 to 5000 m3.
    We guarantee quality for our products and professionalism in our collaborations.

  • Approvals

    Our company is based on the best professionals on the Romanian market.
    We respect the regulations and put on the first place the quality of the products provided.


TankRom Construct ® is a company established in 2009, and the capital is entirely domestic. From the first year of establishment we have produced drinking water storage tanks and fire supply. Year after year we have perfected ourselves by trying and managing to reach quality standards and structure that will please our clients.

The products designed, manufactured and assembled by the company TankRom Construct ® comply with the customer’s requirements and the regulations in force.

Our objective is to provide quality services and products at competitive prices.

We focus on long-term collaborations as we value our clients ‘satisfaction.

Flexible solution of above ground tanks for water and fire supply

TankRom Construct ®

TankRom Construct ® was created as a viable alternative to companies that were importing tanks at that time. Thus, at present and based on a vast portfolio of equipment produced and assembled throughout the Romanian territory, we are able to say that we have regulated the market in the field in terms of prices.

The quality of our products and the proven professionalism in relation to our beneficiaries gives us hope that in the coming years we will be able to meet the market demands more and more.

Water Tanks

TankRom Construct ® is a manufacturer of tanks with a capacity from 20 cbm to 5000 cbm.

The tanks produced by us were mounted on sites that represent absolutely all forms of relief in Romania (from the altitude of 2000 m – Piatra Arsa to Constanta) and all the climatic zones (from Intorsura Buzaului to Oltenia).

Currently, TankRom Construct ® represents an alternative for all manufacturers of water tanks on the European market.


To produce good quality equipment, we decided that all projects should be executed by IPROCHIM Bucharest, the best professionals in the field. Also, all the computer patents are drawn up and verified by the same institution.

For approvals TankRom Construct ® collaborates with the company ICECON CERT, a nationally recognized authority in this field. We considered it the most able to evaluate and supervise us in our production and assembly activity.